Senin, 17 November 2014

[ROM] [18Aug] [GNU/Linux] Sailfish OS (Alpha) - now with MultiROM

Sailfish OS for Nexus 5 MultiROM ≥v28 ability is now in the image (starting alpha2). New to MultiROM? Read here. This is a community port of Jolla's Sailfish OS for the Nexus 5. It features a gesture-based user interface with a unique design and ease-of-use in mind. For more information about SailfishOS please head over to This is not an Android ROM, this is a different base of an operating system called Linux, running glibc library. It only uses parts of Android for hardware enabling (drivers). Special Thanks to the Nexus 5 porters situ & vgrade, and their helpers: alin, dmt, tbr, MultiROM author Tassadar, Jolla sailors especially jusa, spiiroin, phdeswer, Hannu Mallat, the HADK team, the Mer Project, the Nemo Project and all the fine people over at #sailfishos-porters Release Notes: This release is based on SailfishOS (Tahkalampi). The Nexus 5 port is considered to be of alpha quality. Though depending on your usage it might be stable enough for daily use. Download & installation instructions: HW Support status: (Look for Nexus 5 row): Bug reports, if internet search refuses to help: First search XDA for keywords. Things like libsailfishapp have already been worked out by this amazing community Software-related bugs (Sailfish OS): first search . Tag your questions with "community-build" Hardware-related problems: at the Nemo Project Bugzilla under Hybris-ing component Please do not contact Jolla Care or Jolla Developer Care, as this is not the Jolla phone Known issues: The Jolla Store currently does not work. As an alternative you can try Warehouse for OpenRepos OTA Updates do not work The camera does not work Android app support is not available (unlike in Jolla phone): please ask about the status for open-source Dalvik runtime framework on #sailfishos-porters on and also check this XDA Thread All remaining: In Bugzilla ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.0 Changelog: Alpha4 - (not yet released, relnotes constantly updated): Improved BT HID support (US bt keyboard layout provided) Generic BT improvements Alpha3 - 18 August Bluetooth Allow untrusted software Filemanager app USB connection dialogue: Developer mode, USB tethering, charging, ... Devicelock Alpha2 - 10 August MultiROM LEDs Alpha1 - 7 August Initial release SHARE SITUS

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